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WELEX = We are the law

After having published more than 250 blogs in four different languages ​​on Welex’s website, we wanted to try something different. Instead of writing about a specific regulation regarding the tax return on the income of natural persons, the corporate tax or the non-resident income tax in Spain, the inheritance tax and a long etcetera, we…

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Private Law in Spain

The legislation of private law in Spain is a complex subject. It can affect the amount of taxes that must be paid. Wills and inheritance management, succession regimes, residence tax, inheritance tax, real estate purchases and reform proposals must all be taken into account when considering private law. If you would like a complete list…

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How to import a vehicle into Spain

A foreign car must be registered with the Spanish authorities when it arrives from another country. In Spain, it is not legal to drive a car with foreign registration. When the car enters Spanish territory, you are only allowed to drive it from the port to your place of residence. It is important to register…