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Irregular Company in Spain

By Welex—Your leading law firm in Marbella! The irregular company in Spain is defined as a Spanish company whose members have opted not to register the company in the Mercantile Registry. This distinction, however, is reflected in capitalist, non-personalist companies. There is some doctrinal unanimity, which says that the contract is valid. Article 117 of…

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Spanish Company under Formation

Welex—Your multilingual law firm in Marbella! The Spanish company in formation exists from the moment when the members decide to form the company until the company is registered in the Mercantile Register. The Spanish Capital Companies Law of 02/07/2010 regulates the company in formation by Articles 36 to 38, which establish the following: Regarding the…

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Spanish Accountancy Books and Annual Accounts in Spain

Welex Accountantsn Marbella are pleased to provide additional information on the well-known accountancy books and annual accounts in Spain: Every company in Spain has a series of obligations of registration before the Spanish mercantile register: Accountancy books in Spain Spanish annual accounts. The accounting books are presented before said registry within 4 months following the…

Intellectual Property Registry

Registering a magazine in Spain

First, it is important to mention that there are two Registries: REGISTERING THE MAGAZINE AT A TERRITORIAL REGISTRY OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY  A) General information  The Intellectual Property Registry is an entity provided for in intellectual property law, which is unique throughout the country. The Registry is conceived as a system for the protection of property…

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Subsidies in Spain

At Welex, we would like to keep you informed regarding the new subsidies in Spain. The regulatory basis for the granting of subsidies in Spain is a regime of non-competitive competition for companies to improve competitiveness and digital transformation (among others) about to be published. Objective of these subsidies in Spain: To promote the innovation…